Updates as of June 23, 2022

Dear Friends 

The  "In person worship" for this Sunday June 26 is being held in our own downstairs hall at 10am.  We encourage everyone to continue masking, if you are able, in an effort to protect the most vulnerable and high-risk members of our church family. As in the past, please complete the self screening for COVID before entering. We are also back to live-streaming on our Youtube channel:  St. John's United Church Kemptville Youtube Channel

 Imagine St. John’s:  Creating our future  - You are invited to participate in the first group, in-person visioning conversation after worship on this Sunday, June 26. Other opportunities to participate in group discussions, one-on-one interviews, and/or questionnaires will follow over the coming months. If you have any questions or wish to become involved, please speak to any one of the members of the vision working group.

During July, we will be worshipping with the congregation of St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church where Sunday service begins at 10:45 am. You may use  St. John’s offering envelopes at St. Paul’s.   Envelopes are sorted after the service and the monies are then deposited into our account. St. Paul's worship service will be posted online to their Youtube channel by 2pm on Sundays in July as they do not livestream. Here is their link: St. Paul's Presbyterian Church - Kemptville - YouTube

Our church office is closed for the month of July. 

Pastoral Care during July: Please contact Rev. Christine Lowson at 613-859-9368.

Worship services will resume at St. John’s on August 7 at 10 am and the office will reopen on August 2.

Sabbatical Leave Announcement:  This is a reminder that Rev. Lynda will be on Sabbatical Leave from July 1 to September 30, 2022, inclusive.  The provision for a sabbatical is included in the terms of the call and is rooted in the biblical practice of the Sabbath day.  Jesus kept this practice when he took time in his ministry for  renewal. He often went away to pray and reflect in silence and meditation “on mountain tops and by lakesides.” Sabbatical time is for learning and  includes a blend of study, spiritual retreat, and rest. During the month of July, Rev. Christine  Lowson will be available for pastoral care. Rev. Paul Vavasour and Rev. Ralph Taylor will share responsibility for worship and pastoral care during the months of  August and September. Please call church office for contact details. When ministry personnel take a sabbatical, communities of faith benefit from the opportunity to reflect on their mission and ministry and experience different gifts of lay leadership. We wish Rev. Lynda well and look forward to her return with new energy and clarity about the tasks at hand. 

 "Imagine St. John's" -  Can you imagine St. Johns in 5 or 10 years?  Who are we becoming, what do you see for us as a community of faith , and where do we feel called?  If questions like these intrigue or inspire you, we would be pleased to welcome you to join a working group to inquire into our church vision.  The purpose of this small group is to design the process and lead the inquiry.  That may include consultation with other members of the congregation.  We anticipate the group would prepare  a proposal to bring back to the church community for consideration.  Your interest and enthusiasm are the only requirements.  People of all ages, backgrounds, and years with the church are welcome.  If you are interested, please contact Jennifer Gow, Ron Patterson or Rev. Lynda.

"Listening Ear" - our Worship committee  has a list of members who would love to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice over the phone. Please call or email the office so Helen can add you to their list of members who need a call. We also have volunteers willing to deliver groceries.

We created a link so that you could click and subscribe to our you tube channel where all the services reside. If you have not already subscribed to our channel could you please click on link below and subscribe.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCSQR6NbG9_u7FSY7hrAow?sub_confirmation=1




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