Updates as of March 30, 2023

Dear Friends 

Our St. John's  "In person worship" for this Sunday April 2, Palm Sunday, 2023, is being held in St. Paul's Presbyterian Church at 9am.  Please park in St. John's parking lot and west of Prescott Street so that we don't overlap the parking of St. Paul's members or their service that follows ours. For those that have mobility issues and need the ramp you may park near the back entrance to St. Paul's. We will have a recording of this service on our Youtube channel by noon as we cannot livestream from St. Paul's. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCSQR6NbG9_u7FSY7hrAow  


We hold Rev. Lynda, Bill Rotar, Emile Lajoie and Bill Burnett in our prayers as they deal with health issues.

Our sincere sympathy is extended to Jean Wilson’s Family on her death.  May God bless those who mourn.


Our sincere sympathy is extended to Don Reed’s  Family on his death.  May God bless those who mourn.


 Good Friday:

Community Walk of the Cross: April 7 at 10 am starting at the Christian Reform Church, Cty Rd #18.  All are welcome to join.

Good Friday Service: Will be held at St. Paul’s and it is a joint service. Time is 7 pm.

Easter Memorials We invite you to make a donation to the Memorial Fund to honour the memory of loved ones. Please contact the office, no later than Tuesday April 4, if you wish to have a memorial listed. This booklet will be emailed to all members and available at Easter Sunday Service. You can drop off a cheque at church office or send an etransfer to . Be sure to say “Easter Memorials” and provide the names of your loved ones.

House of Lazarus needs during Lent

April 2 Lent 6: Peanut Butter    Items can be left on the table in our church foyer   after church service or during regular office hours.

Rideau Hill Camp  Rideau Hill Camp is getting ready for staff and campers this summer!  Do you have a child or youth who would enjoy the experience of meeting new friends, playing games, singing songs by the campfire and eating in a dining hall?  Do you know a relative or neighbour who is seeking summer employment at an overnight camp?  Working at a camp is a wonderful way to experience the rewards of working as part of a team with children and youth. All staff will are paid positions with accommodations and food included. They will  participate in training and will have weekends off. Please visit www.rideauhillcamp.com for information about employment or registering campers. 

Rev. Ralph Taylor will be covering for Rev. Lynda during her medical leave. He can be contacted at 613-258-2354 home, 613-447-5695 cell and email: 

Link for Lenten CalendarLenten Calendar 2023

Link for Lenten Journey Calendar:  Journey Calendar  ,    Lenten Journey Figures

Funds for Feet Campaign We are reaching out to our congregation with a fundraising idea, “Funds for Feet”. It has been developed to encourage support for the repairs to our foundation. The approximate length of the required repair is 75 feet. The cost can be covered by donating in the amounts of: $168.00 for 1/8 foot, $335.00 for 1/4 foot, $670.00 for 1/2 foot, or $1,335.00 for 1 foot. Any donation of any amount is welcome with our gratitude.Our goal is $100,000.00.  We welcome the support of friends and     community. Donations can be sent by e-transfer (), or cheque (payable to St. John's United Church Kemptville, delivered to 400 Prescott St., or mailed to: P.O. Box 340, Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0 ).  A tax receipt will be issued for your donation.  Please   provide your name and full address so that the tax receipt can be sent to you. (email and mail sent to all this week in regards to above)                               Go to: Letter for Funds for Feet

The Vision Working Group is wrapping up  interviews with members and adherents.  We thank all participants for their insights,  enthusiasm, and dreams for the future of St. John’s.  If you have not been contacted and wish to contribute to this  discussion, please reach out to any member of the working group: Cathy Little, Debbie Banks, Nancy Miller-McKenzie, Nancy McIntyre, Brian Reid, Ron Patterson, Ruby Schryburt, Beth Van derMeer, and Jennifer Gow. 

"Listening Ear" - our Worship committee  has a list of members who would love to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice over the phone. Please call or email the office so Helen can add you to their list of members who need a call. We also have volunteers willing to deliver groceries.

We created a link so that you could click and subscribe to our you tube channel where all the services reside. If you have not already subscribed to our channel could you please click on link below and subscribe.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCSQR6NbG9_u7FSY7hrAow?sub_confirmation=1




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Sunday Worship 9:00am  @ St. Paul's Presbyterian until our building is reopened

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