Updates as of September 28, 2023

Dear Friends

The office is now reopened at normal hours.

Our St. John's  "In person worship" for this  Sunday October 1, 2023, is back at our own sanctuary! at 10 AM .

You can use our online services at: http://www.kemptvilleunitedchurch.org.


Remembrance Day Service on November 12: We would like to know if any active or retired Armed Services members in our congregation would like to participate in this service.  Please  contact the office


Thank you to Rev. Susan, Tammy, Eric, Bree, Brooke, Ethan and Lorna for this wonderful service.

Chicken pies are available for ordering and purchasing now. Deadline for orders is Monday, Oct .2. Large (8 inch) pies $16 and Small (4 inch) pies $8.  Gluten Free prices are $18 and $9.     There is a sign up in the church hall or call or email the church office with your orders as well.     DEADLINE is October 2.

Friendship Lunches start Friday Oct. 6 at 11:30 am in our hall. All welcome.

Book Circle: October 10 at 7 with special guest, author Barbara Fradkin. All welcome.


From Remit Committee: "Establishing a National Indigenous Organization within the United Church of Canada" presented at the service last Sunday. The link for  the  summary by Tammy McKenzie  and the the pdf of the slides that went with this presentation go to: Presentation on Sun May 28, 2023
Here is the link to the youtube video from the United Church of Canada also explaining the Remit : United Church of Canada on Remit 2023
 Here is the link to St. John's video of presentation from Sunday May 28, 2023. Introduction to National Indigenous Organization
Here is link to all the documents in regards to the Remit: Remit 2023

Funds for Feet Campaign We are reaching out to our congregation with a fundraising idea, “Funds for Feet”. It has been developed to encourage support for the repairs to our foundation. The approximate length of the required repair is 75 feet. The cost can be covered by donating in the amounts of: $168.00 for 1/8 foot, $335.00 for 1/4 foot, $670.00 for 1/2 foot, or $1,335.00 for 1 foot. Any donation of any amount is welcome with our gratitude.Our goal is $100,000.00.  We welcome the support of friends and     community. Donations can be sent by e-transfer (), or cheque (payable to St. John's United Church Kemptville, delivered to 400 Prescott St., or mailed to: P.O. Box 340, Kemptville, Ontario K0G 1J0 ).  A tax receipt will be issued for your donation.  Please   provide your name and full address so that the tax receipt can be sent to you. (email and mail sent to all this week in regards to above)                               Go to: Letter for Funds for Feet


"Listening Ear" - our Worship committee  has a list of members who would love to lend a listening ear to anyone who needs to hear a friendly voice over the phone. Please call or email the office so Helen can add you to their list of members who need a call. We also have volunteers willing to deliver groceries.

We created a link so that you could click and subscribe to our you tube channel where all the services reside. If you have not already subscribed to our channel could you please click on link below and subscribe.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiCSQR6NbG9_u7FSY7hrAow?sub_confirmation=1




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